Catalyst 6800 switch? Maybe, maybe not…


Just a quick piece of conjecture here before last call at the airport. I was hearing rumours of a Cisco Catalyst 6800 series switch over the last few days. Some quick and dirty ‘facts’:

  • It is being touted as the next generation chassis for the 6500. This is to allow the limits of the 6500 back-plane to be upgraded in order to accept some increasingly sophisticated line cards e.g. 100G, service-a-riffic <long week, that’s all your getting
  • Will accept half width line cards
  • Will be available in 2013

I only got a whiff of this on the last day so wasn’t able to delve any deeper but it definitely gives weight to the statements coming from Cisco that the 6500 platform is being invested in, even though they aren’t calling it the 6500 anymore! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Till the next time.

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